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A. This Website (hereinafter “Website”) has been created in order to provide online FREE education services of all levels and professional training to interested parties.

Β. The owner and beneficiary of the Website is NIKOLAOS MIAOULIS.

C.The Owner reserves the right to modify and update these Terms of Use whenever he deems it necessary, and any changes shall take effect upon their public display on the Website.

D. PERSONAL DATA. The provision of the services described in paragraph A by the Website requires the processing of personal data of the interested parties by the Owner in the context of the performance of the contract between the interested parties and the Owner. Specifically, with the consent of the interested party and/or his/her parent or guardian, personal data will be registered, collected, organized and stored for the purpose of serving the contractual purpose, namely the provision of free education and vocational training services, in compliance with Law no. 2472/1997, 3471/2006, 3917/2011, EU Regulation 2016/679 and the generally relevant domestic and European legislation, the Regulation of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data and the decisions of the Authority. The User will be able to change, correct, complete and delete his/her personal data and for this purpose he/she will be able to contact the Owner via email [email protected].

Further clarification on the personal data that will be processed, the purpose of processing, the rights of the data subjects to information, restriction of processing, modification and deletion of stored personal data and the contact details of the Data Protection Officer are contained in the Privacy Statement.

Ε. Both the name, trademark and other distinctive features and the entire content of the asmathoume. gr and its individual web pages, which includes but is not limited exclusively to videos, texts, graphics, photographs, digital phonograms, news, articles, information, data, layouts, illustrations, logos, product names, the interface, the whole presentation (look & feel), software, source code and the way it is structured, are objects of exclusive intellectual and industrial property rights of the owner of the Website and are protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Greek law.
F. None of the content of this Website may be recorded, copied, reproduced, translated, translated, adapted or otherwise transformed, distributed, leased, publicly performed, broadcast, publicly displayed to the public or otherwise made available to the public without the express written permission of the owner. In addition, any graphics, logos, logos, images, videos, interface and the overall look & feel of the Website may not be used in connection with products/services not provided by the Website Owner, in such a way as to cause even minimal confusion to the consumer audience or to damage its reputation and image.

Ζ. All other trademarks, distinctive signs, company names, graphics, logos, texts and anything else that is the intellectual property of third parties and appears on the Website, belongs to its legal owner, falls within his/her sphere of responsibility and its appearance on the Website does not constitute and should not be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use it.

H. We respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe that your rights have been treated in a way that may constitute infringement, please contact us using the contact details provided by the Website.

Θ. No alteration or other kind of interference with the content or software of the Website is permitted, as well as any attempt to undermine its technological integrity and functionality. Furthermore, it is not allowed to retrieve, copy and further use part or all of the content of the Website by data mining methods, software “robots” or “spiders” and similar methods of data collection and/or retrieval or other methods without our express and written permission. You are not permitted to create and/or publish a database including substantial or even insignificant parts of the content of our Website without the express and written permission of the owner of the Website. The use of metatags or other similar “hidden text” techniques consisting of or including the trade name, trademark and other distinctive features of the Website is also prohibited.

Ι. In any case of conduct that is illegal or contrary to these terms and conditions and the applicable legal framework for the use of the Website, the visitor/user is obliged to compensate the Owner for any positive and/or consequential damage suffered by the aforementioned actions.

IA. The creation of a hyperlink to the web pages of this Website is permitted, provided that it is not used to mislead the public or cause damage to the image of the owner of the Website and provided that it does not present the contents of the Website as part of another website alien to it (e.g. framing techniques). In addition, the use of the trademarks (logo) of the owner of the Website, as it is posted on the Website, to create a hyperlink to this Website is not allowed without the explicit and written permission of the Owner.

IB. The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites, which belong to third parties and therefore are not under the management of the owner of this website and there is no possibility for us to intervene in their content. For this reason, the owner of this website does not assume any responsibility for these websites and their content and does not provide any kind of guarantee to the users of regarding them. In case a website owner or administrator wishes to withdraw an existing hyperlink from our Website to his website, he can contact us using the contact details provided on the Website.
IC. The Website may contain advertisements of the Owner or third-party companies as well as the display of other material with advertising content, purpose and character.

F. In the case of third party advertisements, the Owner does not control the content of such advertisements and, therefore, does not bear any responsibility towards its users for the content of such advertisements with regard to any illegal acts or omissions, inaccuracies or failure to comply with the laws and regulations of any country or the European Union in relation to the content of such advertisements. This liability shall be borne exclusively by the advertisers, sponsors and/or creators of the promotional material displayed.

IE. Any interested visitor of the Website may create an account and become a User by registering and creating a personal account. To complete the registration, in the context of security of transactions, it is required to indicate the email address, user name. In case of creation of an account by a minor User, it is necessary to create an account by the person having parental care or guardianship in order to provide the requested services.

F. After completing the process of creating a personal account or the process of subscribing to the newsletter service or the process of ordering services online, you accept to receive advertisements and/or content of a commercial nature or purpose regarding the services of the Owner or third parties. Accordingly, you give us your consent in accordance with the law to the processing of your personal data for the above purposes.

G.When you visit the Website or send us an e-mail, you are communicating with us electronically and you consent to receive electronic communications from us. In this regard, the Owner will make all necessary communications to you through your personal account or email or other means in order to respond to and possibly satisfy your requests.

H. The Website is provided to its users as is without any further guarantees for its functionality, and its use is entirely at your own risk. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, the Owner disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage that may result from the inability to use the Website, as well as from any errors, interruptions, defects or delays in its operation or in the transmission of information through it on the Internet. In addition, we shall not be liable for any damage that may result from the use of the Website and is the result of the actions of third parties.

I. the Owner makes every effort to ensure that the information, content and services available through the Website are governed by clarity and integrity. In any case, however, the Company does not guarantee and is not liable for any damage caused to the visitors/users of the Website or to third parties by the use of the Website and the services available through it. The Company in no way guarantees that the operation of the Website/its servers and/or third party websites through which its content is transmitted will be uninterrupted and/or free from risks and errors. Therefore, the Company shall not be liable for any damage caused to the visitors/users of the Website or to third parties and which may be related to the operation of the aforementioned.

K. Force majeure: the Owner shall not be liable in respect of any breach of these terms and conditions in the event of any accidental event or force majeure, including but not limited to, wars, riots, acts of sabotage, explosions, fires, arson, earthquakes, strikes, acts of Greek or Community or other authorities or governmental telecommunication organizations, natural obstacles, long power outages, etc. No part of the content provided to the users/visitors of our website does not constitute and cannot be considered in any case, directly or indirectly, an encouragement, advice or exhortation to any act or omission, but instead it is at the discretion of the users/visitors after their own evaluation to act on the basis of their own will, excluding any liability of the Beneficiary.

KA. For the resolution of any dispute arising between the Owner and our users/customers regarding the use of the Website, an amicable settlement will be attempted in the first instance. If the extrajudicial resolution of the dispute is not possible, the courts of Athens shall have jurisdiction and the applicable law shall be the Greek law.

KB. In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use is annulled by a court decision as not legal, valid and enforceable, this fact will not affect the rest of the provisions, which will remain in force and will be applied normally.

C.For any clarification and provision of information related to the use of the Website, the user/visitor may contact the Owner on the basis of the contact details provided.

KD. The Website uses cookies for the provision of its services, in order to facilitate access, the smooth operation of its services and the collection of data to improve its content and the overall browsing experience of the user. By using this website, you accept the use of cookies. Further information about cookies is provided in our Privacy Statement.

KEE. In the event that any of these terms are held invalid, illegal or abusive for any reason, the remaining terms will remain valid and enforceable as they are.