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This short course is about preparing for English FCE listening exam. This free version has only 5 listenings. The paid version will have 30.


It contains five topics of Technology, Health, Education, Tourism, Environment

Applies to..

All students who want to prepare themselves for listening part.

What to expect to gain

Engaging in discussions and learning about a wide range of topics, such as environmental issues, travel and tourism, health and well-being, technology’s impact on society, and education, offers numerous benefits to individuals. Through these discussions, participants can expect to gain a broader perspective on global issues and challenges that affect our world. They will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of sustainability, responsible tourism, and the need for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, insights into the evolving role of technology and its impact on society will foster critical thinking about its advantages and disadvantages. Exploring the significance of education and lifelong learning will inspire individuals to appreciate continuous personal growth and its positive impact on society. By engaging in these discussions, participants can expect to cultivate their knowledge, expand their horizons, and become more informed and responsible global citizens.