Lesson 2: Configuring course settings and formats

Once you’ve created a course in Moodle, you can customize it to suit your needs by configuring the course settings and formats.

Course Settings:

The course settings include options such as:

Course Visibility: You can choose whether the course is visible to students or hidden.
Course Start Date: This is the date that the course starts. This can affect the display of logs and the format of the course if you’re using a weekly format.
Course End Date: This is the date that the course ends. After this date, the course is put into a read-only mode where students can view content but not participate in activities.
Course Language: You can specify a language for the course. This will override the site language and the user’s preferred language for this course.

Course Formats:

The course format determines the layout of the course page. Moodle offers several course formats:

Topics Format: The course page is organized into topic sections. Each section can contain activities and resources.
Weekly Format: The course page is organized into weekly sections, with the first week starting on the course start date.
Social Format: The course page is built around a social forum. This format is best for non-linear courses where the focus is on discussions rather than structured content.
Single Activity Format: The course page contains a single activity, such as a quiz or SCORM package.
To configure the course settings and format, go to the course page, click on ‘Edit settings’ in the Administration block, make your changes, and then click on ‘Save changes’.

In the next lesson, we will delve deeper into adding and organizing course content. Stay tuned!