Lesson 1: Creating and managing courses

Courses are the heart of any Moodle site. They are where learning happens. As an administrator, you’ll often be tasked with creating and managing courses.

Creating a Course:

To create a course in Moodle:

Navigate to the category where you want to create the course.
Click on ‘Create a new course’.
Fill in the course settings, such as the course full name, short name, and summary.
Click on ‘Save and display’ to create the course.

Course Settings:

When creating a course, you’ll need to configure a number of settings:

Course Full Name: This is the name that will be displayed on the course page and in lists of courses.
Course Short Name: This is a shorter name for the course. It is used in the navigation and in the course’s URL.
Course Summary: This is a brief description of the course. It is displayed on the course page and in lists of courses.
Course Format: This determines the layout of the course page. Options include topics format, weekly format, and social format.

Managing Courses:

Once a course is created, you can manage it through the course administration settings. Here, you can edit the course settings, manage users, manage grades, and more.

You can also add activities and resources to the course, such as assignments, quizzes, and forums. These are added from the course page by turning on editing and then selecting the activity or resource you want to add.

In the next lesson, we will delve deeper into configuring course settings and formats. Stay tuned!