Klarna Bank AB, commonly known as Klarna, is a Swedish fintech company founded in 2005 that offers financial services mainly related to consumer payments. As of 2011 onwards, it is estimated that 40% of all e-commerce sales in Sweden were made through Klarna. Today, it is the world’s leading service with more than 90 million active users in 17 countries, aiming to provide smart & flexible ways to pay for their online purchases.

Klarna’s core service is to offer a different and innovative way of payment for e-commerce companies. It has become known as a ‘Buy now, pay later’ (BNPL) payment provider, as it offers credits to its customers when they make purchases as part of the check-out process for their online purchases. Klarna offers a Pay in 3 option, which allows consumers to pay off their purchase in 3 equal interest-free instalments, even using a debit card.

For the use of the service “3 Points Gifts without credit card” with Klarna, there is no extra charge but none!! With Klarna, you have the flexibility to make your purchases without any additional interest. Or, of course, being obliged to banks.

Klarna Bank AB (hereinafter referred to as ‘Klarna’) provides flexible payment services to its customers in order to enable them to make purchases with the possibility of paying in instalments.
N.Miaoulis (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), in order to facilitate its consumers, has entered into a cooperation with Klarna, in order to incorporate a specific payment method through Klarna in the available payment methods for orders submitted by consumers, exclusively through the online store asmathoume.gr.
Klarna is an independent provider of flexible debt repayment services and therefore has no dependency relationship with the Company, as the latter has entered into a cooperation with Klarna solely to provide another additional payment method to the consumer.
In particular, Klarna will provide exclusively (for the time being) to the Company’s customers the flexible payment method called “Pay in 3”, according to which the consumer can pay off his purchase gradually through three (3) equal interest-free instalments. Specifically, the first instalment is committed by Klarna upon completion of the order and charged at the time of invoicing the order, while the second (2nd) instalment is charged on the 30th day from the invoicing date and the third (3rd) and final instalment is charged on the 60th day from the invoicing date of the order.
It is expressly clarified that the above payment method is a form of credit and is provided exclusively through Klarna, without any connection and action by the Company, as the latter does not have corresponding flexible payment methods but only cooperates with Klarna which provides the above flexible payment method.
Each of the Company’s customers, in order to use the above described flexible payment method, must register on Klarna’s online platform, to which the Company has no access or involvement.
We would like to inform you that when the consumer makes use of Klarna’s service, the latter performs a simple (soft) credit check on the consumer. This will not affect the consumer’s credit score, it simply helps Klarna to confirm, that the consumer pays his/her debts on time. The consumer will in any case be able to access the content of this check.
Each consumer must be over eighteen (18) years of age to make use of the flexible payment method described above.
It is highly recommended that consumers make prudent use of the above service provided by Klarna without unduly burdening their financial situation.
For any further information on Klarna’s services and for any further clarification, we recommend that you refer to the latter’s website at https://www.klarna.com/gr/.